We hate waste and want to reduce this as much as possible by offering season-less styles that don't age and have maximum quality for a long life. Slow fashion with durable, quality materials.

Designed by women for women with the intention of reinventing sophisticated & timeless pieces.
To dress and empower “Women of the World” who come from all corners of the globe. Women who are doing it all, whether corporately, in the home or anywhere in between. For who believe in passion, style, quality and freedom.

Authentic, Empowering, Inspiring and Versatile.
The three ‘A’ of the logo symbolises the strong female silhouettes represented by the founder and the key female figures in her life, guided by the values that embody them. Women encouraging and empowering each other through their love, compassion and strength.

We are all part of Tribe, one big family, the human race.